Saturday, December 21, 2013


What's that dear readers?  You say that for this 10th millinerd Christmas you want something special, along the lines of the 2009 St. Nick recovery post (skin pigment check), the 2010 millinerd podcast (listening fun for the whole family), the 2011 even-though-it's-my-first-year-of-teaching-I-still-read-one-thing-book-review, or a long-winded 2012 Mayan apocalypse recovery project at HuffPo?  Let not your heart be troubled.  I too know this is a special year, so I bought you a brand new, six-years-too-late tumblr (notice the tab above) where I can hereafter post quotes without having to jam them into an awkward hybrid blog entry.  You can even open it early!  Go ahead now... click away:

Enjoy, but don't worry - millinerd, being one of the 36 hidden websites without which the internet would expire, will still be here.  I know it's still Advent, but in anticipation...  Merry Christmas anyway dear readers!  (Well, let's not be presumptuous.)  Merry Christmas, dear reader!