Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Building for Humans

Pomo types with an aversion to philosophical modernity might consider transferring their suspicion to architectural modernism as well. This is difficult, because it's not nearly as cool to dislike modernist aesthetics; but for those wishing to press forward nonetheless, I hope to assist you with an article about architectural modernism called "Building for Humans" in the current Christian Century. It's in ye olde printed medium, so ye will have to go the "library" or "newstand" to read it. My beef is not with modernism per se, which no doubt can be beautiful - but with ecclesial modernism, and my ideas are mostly gleaned from Bess and Glazer. Matthew Alderman (of the shrine) was kind enough to offer some of his deliciously non-modern designs for the piece.

update: This article is now available on beliefnet.