Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Fish fear me

Well with two posts in a row referring to the the City of God, 'bout time for a vacation. So I took one. Got warmed up by fishin' with a med-school bound fellow Seminarian on the Jersey shore. All I caught were one of these, but the captain of the ship in pity donated one of his fluke to our cause, which was dinner. We ate it while trying to forget the fluke eye story. According to Fluke Facts:
When they first hatch from the egg, fluke larvae look just like any other fishes. Within a few days, however, the right eye starts to migrate over the top of the head. By the time it reaches its' inshore nursery area and settles to the bottom, both eyes are on the left hand side of the body and the little fish looks like a fluke.
Then off I was to visit the folks in Idaho, where on a trip to beautiful Loon Lake with my dad we caught trout, the prince of fish. At first I was concerned that we had caught the endangered bull trout (because we ate them), but upon discovering that bull trout look like this, and ours like this, I was no longer concerned. Turns out we caught brook trout, which from an ecological perspective are quite acceptable not to catch and release. We cooked 'em over the open fire - but forget the butter. Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation... remember the butter.