Saturday, June 12, 2004

wild and bald

Thanks to their somewhat recent graduation, I actually saw a wild bald eagle feeding her two eaglettes this afternoon. A woman had a telescope in her Idaho living room pointing at a tree... I looked on through and there there they were - though they probably didn't need a telescope to see me.

In other patriotic news, I watched almost all of the bi-coastal funeral service. Hey - it was a National Day of Mourning... what were you doing?

Both the ceremonial splendor and the speeches were the nation at its best, something we need to see but haven't in quite a while. Most of the speakers avoided the temptation to attack or defend the current administration (though there were a few slips), and some of the things said were particularly profound.

Yet the last address by a pastor was abysmal. If you're ever giving a president's funeral sermon, do make it a point not to mention yourself and your "ministry to the president" a lot. In fact, it would probably be best not to mention those things at all.

Alas, in honor of Reagan here's an elaborate and interesting site where he makes a few appearances.