Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Universal Rohr

I'm grateful to the kind and sharp folks at Comment for publishing my attempt to decipher the ingredients in the well-crafted cocktail of courage and carelessness that is Richard Rohr. Citations from the first two paragraphs are below:

Dancing Standing Still, 74; Falling Upward, 25; Everything Belongs, 146; Immortal Diamond, 189; Dancing Standing Still, 59; Everything Belongs, 143-144;  Falling Upward, 81; The Universal Christ, 62 (for an absurd caricature of Protestantism that violates Rohr’s rule to avoid antagonistic thinking listed on p. 175); Silent Compassion,16.  And here are the citations in the second paragraph: Immortal Diamond, 104, Falling Upward, 42; Immortal Diamond, 229; Universal Christ, 94; The Naked Now, 35; Breathing Underwater, 55;  Immortal Diamond, 122, Universal Christ, 73.