Saturday, February 06, 2016

How Isaiah Won Facebook

As L'Affaire Hawkins endures, Facebook pages emerge. Who knows who controls them or if the record will survive? I therefore preserve my various interventions here. Ridiculous assertions on both sides, however amusing, have been rare. The general tone has been civil.
  • At the Wheaton Record Page (our student newspaper)

  • At "I Stand with Wheaton" (a forum that leans toward the Administration)

  • At "We Stand with Wheaton" (a forum that leans toward Professor Hawkins)

Thank you Ruth! It's not for nothing that they call Isaiah the fifth gospel. Only by cord lengthening (welcoming a richer variety of voices) while stake-strengthening (doubling down on our Trinitarian faith) can Wheaton College come out of this stronger than we were going in.

In the meantime, whether or not they pray to the same deity, the Christians and Muslims of the city of Wheaton are unified in one thing: We sure hope this will be over soon!