Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Saga Continues

Just so millinerd knows I still care even while posting elsewhere, here's more from Sarah Jane Boss's Empress and Handmaid:
Whereas the worshipper before the Virgin in Majesty is the servant of the Lord and Lady whose presence the statue conveys, the actors in the pornographic film or photograph are servants of the pornographer and viewer who summon and pay for their presence.

The medium which seems to represent 'individuals' - the photography of fashion and pornography – in fact imposes sterotypes for replication in social reality. Yet the icon, which makes no pretence at physical literalism, allows the viewer the freedom to find the individual beauty of particular human beings.
Like the trucker with a family on both coasts, I'm trying to please two blogs. This can't last. It's unnatural.

P.S. Does this post mean people will find my blog when they search for pornography?