Saturday, December 13, 2008


I retract. Regarding grad school, perhaps Lander has it on Manolo after all (start at 4:10).
I did two years of a Ph.D. in film and literature and I gave up. What I found when I was there was that it was lot of people who were really intolerant of any other view besides their own, meaning far left wing academic was the only way to think, and anyone who thought differently - not that I'm necessarily a conservative or a conservative at all - but anyone who thought differently was shut up immediately, and it just drove me nuts to see people so close-minded in graduate school and profess to be open-minded because they supported progressive issues - No, that just means you support progressive issues, that doesn't mean your open-minded. So I left.
Whether or not grad school is actually that bad, I consider my Trojan horse theory confirmed. And speaking of open-mindedness, looks like Google has hosted Tim Keller as well.