Friday, June 01, 2007

That no car ride go silent again

There is an extraordinary amount of information out there, I'm thinking specifically of University Podcasts. A few lessons emerge:

1. Relax, the offerings of the world's Universities aren't really that exciting.
2. The need for communities of learning and conversation, a.k.a. actual friendship, persists.
3. However many courses are offered for free, you still can't beat the Teaching Company, and they're worth the price. I can't even begin to describe how good their new American History course is.
4. In light of a proliferation of information, having a broad organizational/filtering component such as Christian faith is not as much narrow as it is necessary.
5. You still need people to guide you through the morass. May I recommend the esteemed philosopher Roger Scruton on Religious Freedom, and Harvard's Owen Gingerich on a lifetime of wisdom regarding Science and Faith which nicely summarizes his book.

Please consider further recommendations solicited.