Saturday, December 16, 2006

liturgy links

Thanks to Dave's question I said I would post about liturgy - so here is my list of resources to help get that beautiful building revved up to capacity.

It is a shame that neither Dave nor I got any real training in historic liturgy in three years of Seminary (unless I missed that day), but I suppose that's the nature of Reformed Seminaries. Yet in light of the 20th century's Liturgical Movement, one wishes it were different, if only for ecumenical reasons.

Apparently the key text of the Liturgical Movement is Dix's The Shape of the Liturgy (or Casel), but for introducing Protestant congregations to liturgy, aside from lifting chunks from the Book of Common Prayer (which was updated in 1979 to include insights from the Liturgical Movement), there is Bob Webber's helpful series, not a bad investment for a church's book fund.

For web resources, this blog provides some nice one-stop-shopping, but is definitely more on the Catholic/Orthodox side of things. Peter Jeffery also put together a list of links... and yet another.

And although there's the online Breviary, being Protestant I prefer Mission St. Clare for the round of daily prayer.

If anyone has other/better suggestions please leave a comment.