Thursday, April 07, 2005


Had an excellent discussion this week regarding Providence... in which the following thought emerged:

Just as it is heretical to deny the Lordship of Christ (Arianism), so is it heretical to claim to know exactly how that Lordship is composed (Nestorianism, Eutychianism). But of course, you insist.

Ah, but so it may be when considering history: It is certainly "heretical" to deny Providence altogether, but it also may be in a way "heretical" to claim to know exactly how that Providence plays out, or doesn't, in a given situation.

Of course the thought is only useful if one thinks heresy a bad thing.

To put it elsewise: As was clarified below, the apophatic move in theology (and Church history!) can take place - but only after and within the kataphatic move.

That being said, paper-production purposes demand my hibernation yet again. See you in an undisclosed period of time.