Saturday, February 05, 2005

Everyone knows the Western intellectual tradition is hopelessly misogynist. But this time those radical feminists have gone too far. They have produced an amended translation of Plato's Republic, in which after describing the education of philosopher kings, the following passage is shamelessly inserted:
"Glaucon: Like a sculptor, Socrates, you've produced ruling men that are completely fine.
Socrates: And ruling women too, Glaucon, for you mustn't think that what I've said applies any more to men than it does to women who are born with the appropriate natures. That's right, if indeed they are to share everything equally with the men, as we said they should."
The nerve!

Actually, I'm kidding. That, as you may recall, is the original. Quick, someone find new evidence contra-the-classics so we don't have to actually read them.