Monday, March 08, 2004

The Ladies of Liturgy

So if you like reading about the personal journeys of young, sassy, literate, Manhattan-based female Episcopalians - you now have your choice. Chloe Breyer, or Lauren Winner. (These were written a few years ago in the B.M. era, thus my getting the word to you late.)

Breyer wrote about her first year at General Theological Seminary. Winner wrote about her conversion from orthodox Judaism as a grad student at Columbia.

What's with all the "intelligent" Christians? What ever happened to the assenting masses?
"Even as regards those truths about God which human reason can investigate, it was necessary that we be taught by a divine revelation. For the truth about God, such as reason can know it, would only be known by a few, and that after a long time, and with the admixture of many errors." - Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica 1:1
Well, I guess they're not so much investigating the inscrutable as recording a personal journey, so it must be okay. But I couldn't pass up a good chance for an Aquinas quote to make me look like an "intelligent" Christian... it's all the rage. Get converted, get smart, get a blog or a book-deal... and you're in! Lose the sin, keep the sass.

By the way, between the two I recommend Lauren Winner, whose new book seems it may help Christian/Jewish relations which could perhaps use a boost.