Saturday, January 31, 2004

millinerd TOP 5 series #5

Top 5 similarities between...
Lost in Translation and Woody Allen's Manhattan

1a. Both involve an older man enchanted by a younger woman.
1b. But both seem to nevertheless strangely avoid being skeevy movies.
2a. In both movies the older man is primarily funny while the younger woman is primarily pretty.
2b. Both seem to nevertheless strangely avoid being offensive to women (perhaps women have been offended, but if so they've yet to organize - to my knowledge there were no boycotts in 1979 or 2003).
3. Both are set in a major city and involve lots of skyline shots (okay, I'm stretching).
4. Both involve karaoke bars and pink wigs (okay I'm lying to fill the list).
5. Both are really good movies in a way that's hard to describe.

Incidentally, my favorite line from Manhattan -
Woody Allen to Mariel Hemingway:
"You would have been God's answer to Job. Job would have said 'Alright you do a lot of terrible things, but you also made one of these. It would have settled the argument right there.'"
Now that's romance.