Friday, January 03, 2014

Hypermodern Oblivion

For what it's worth, a paper of mine so titled has been posted at the University of Chicago's Divinity School web forum.  Of particular interest might be the notion of the Marian male, inspired by Symeon the New Theologian.  I hope the paper has relevance to the issue of celibacy as well, but I had gone on long enough as it was.  What better way to celebrate the week following the feast of the Christ's circumcision?


Sean said...

Fascinating. This got me to thinking about feet in western art and these three immediately came to mind: Caravaggio's Loreto Madonna, Van Eyck's St Francis receiving the Stigmata, and Geertgen Tot Sint Jan's St John the Baptist in the Wilderness (my favorite of these). Will pass by in silence the Grunewald Crucifixion.

By the way, no doubt you've seen this, but in case you haven't you might be interested:

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