Saturday, January 11, 2014

Course Evaluations for Sermon on the Mount

Professor was distant. I arrived late and could barely hear him. Didn't engage one on one. Not open to different learning styles.

Loved the course! Hot prof!

Arrogant teaching style. Not challenged to think for myself. He even openly criticized other profs. Messiah complex.

The instructor pandered to the lowest common denominator - "meek" and "poor."  As an AP student, I did not feel adequately stimulated.

Way too demanding for Gen Ed requirement. Prof expected us all to exceed best students in the class?! LOL. Not even my major!

Best prof ever! Loved it. Changing my major.

Told us not to worry about grade, and then told us that most people would fail. What?! Seriously?

Moralistic demands. Preachy. I didn't sign up for a lifestyle course. Teach the content!

Clearly had favorites (department administrator told me he only met privately with 12 students on regular basis).

Office hours jammed. My roommate had to physically GRAB his blazer to get noticed. I couldn't reach him (when I went I was told he was "away"). If I wanted a MOOC I'd have stayed in my pajamas.

Dr. Christ is AMAAAAAAZING!!!! 

Far too rigid reading requirements (something about "not an iota, not a dot, will perish"). Text should be changed - no summarizing boxes or glossary.  Way too long!  

Heard he won't even be here next semester. Gallilee U was just a stepping stone for him. Career, not student focused.