Saturday, August 31, 2013

From the Provinces

Some reflections of mine at Books & Culture on the advantages of T.S. Eliot's decline in reputation are now just a click away, tempered and enhanced by the higher literary wisdom of my Wheaton colleague Brett Foster.  Eliot was relieved when Christianity appeared to be losing the burden of respectability - perhaps we should have similar relief when it comes to the loss of respectability of Eliot himself. 
Also in Books & Culture (print version) is a piece of mine reviewing three recent books on Princeton architecture.  That essay as well is enhanced by higher powers - in this case with the historical perspective offered by P.C. Kemeny in his accompanying review of two more recent books on Princeton, a town which is strangely synecdochical to American culture at large.  Like Eliot, Kemeny also concludes that Christians have something to gain from marginalization.  To read the reviews, do consider subscribing to Books & Culture (which could use your support).