Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IMGP7884To the right is a translation of my article on museums and religious art, Raphael Among the People, which appeared in the version of L'Osservatore Romano that Vatican officials actually read: The Italian one.

On a related note, in his recent Schmemann Memorial lecture, The Meaning of "Icon" in the Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion suggested that icons have no place in museums.  A different Russian Orthodox cleric, however, Archpriest Igor Vyzhano, suggested the opposite at the Rubin icon conference last year, while still ceding the priority of ecclesial placement.  Varying perspectives from priests of the same church arise because it's a complicated question, especially in Russia, where museums rescued these objects from certain destruction.  But art historians can help.  If you're Italian is rusty, you can read the English version here.