Thursday, January 06, 2011

Champagne, Butterflies, Universities, and Mary

I've got a piece up at the Huffington Post right now regarding Champagne and butterflies, so if you're inclined, please decorate it with tweets, likes, inflammatory comments and such.  Be it known that it's not too late to see either exhibit, whether Martínez Celaya at MOBIA (Closing January 16) or Mako Fujimura at the Dillon Gallery (closing tomorrow, but reopening at MOBIA in June).  Also, info on the ASCHA symposium "Why Have There Been No Great Modern Religious Artists?" is available here.

There's also a longer article of mine entitled the Useless University (which is not an insult) up at Public Discourse.  On similar lines, don't miss the wit of Peter Wicks in A Defense of My Life's Vocation at Notre Dame Magazine.

And there's something about Mary up at First Thoughts.