Monday, October 04, 2010

The Scandal of the Evangelical Eye, I suppose, another title I might have given to "A Tale of Two Art Worlds," an article I wrote in the current issue of The City. The piece, which is available for free, contains probably too much information which I attempt to hold together with a fairy tale of peasant exiles (artsy Christians), distant nobility (art world authorities), and independent landowners, who emerge from exile but are not beholden to royalty.

I owe the landowning image to Dan Siedell, who seems to be practicing just that with The Wanderer, a recent show he curated at MOBIA, which got some friendly press from Alissa Wilkinson. There's an accompanying exhibition at St. John the Divine as well. Get to it!

Did I mention the entire issue of The City (far beyond my grad-schoolish contribution) looks really good?