Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Audio Vitality

Driving/flying season is upon us; it's time to update your iTunes subscriptions.

For those who couldn't make it, Union University has put up its many talks from the Making Men Moral conference. Therein, Russell Moore gives a sensitive address wherein he handles Protestant/Catholic convergences with diplomatic aplomb. Moore relates Richard John Neuhaus' belief that the aim of Evangelicals and Catholics Together is "full communion," which Moore understands to mean Protestant conversions to Catholicism. Rather than finding this offensive, Moore (a Baptist) finds it refreshing. Moore then has the pluck to suggest that the goal of Catholic/Protestant dialog, from his perspective, is to - gulp - lead Catholics to the baptistery. A bracing ecumenical throwdown. (Thanks to Matt Anderson for the tip off.)

Speaking of Neuhaus, one of the few whom he would refer to as "a great preacher" was Tim Keller. Several of his sermons are available for free here. When Keller is on, he's on, and let's hope the CT cover article doesn't change things.

Then there's a host of wonderful talks from the Veritas Forum (where Neuhaus talks can also be found). It's worth it to take the time to listen to William Lane Craig's recent apologetical tour de force, which is not your grandfather's theodicy. While I haven't seen Bill Maher's Religulous, I'm certain that the film responsibly engages each of the points brought up by Craig.