Sunday, May 03, 2009

What part of "tolle lege" don't you understand?

There have been some very rich and important insights on Dan Siedell's blog, the intellectual background for which is provided by his God in the Gallery. Continuing cul-de-sacs in the Christianity and art conversation (let alone the art world at large) lead me, unfortunately, to assume that not enough people have read God in the Gallery, nor have they been checking Siedell's blog, which has now earned the hallowed spot "above the fold" on the millinerd sidebar. If only that placement actually meant something, we'd be getting somewhere. I've got about 100 feed subscribers and 50 facebook followers, and I'm grateful for each of them (by all means, please sign on if you haven't). But as far as blog size goes, that's limited promotional capital, capital which I just spent.

The sad reality is that unless one can somehow martial the media machine, we are dependent upon one another for promotion. I've jumped up and down to promote Dan's book with high praise (along with some inevitable disagreements expressed there and here). What else can I do? Things just hum along as if this book was not written. This is frustrating. Buy his book, will you? Buy it especially if the art world puzzles or frustrates you. Or at least throw this interview onto the ipod for the next jog. Unless of course, you like cul-de-sacs, which it appears a good many people do.