Monday, May 18, 2009

annual blog on blog post

Yes, there are too many blogs. In a way, however, there are not enough. I've long planned (but never followed through) on exerting the mental energy to come up with the perfect counter-example to Edward Gibbon's silly diphthong dismissal of Christology (chp. 21), and now I don't have to, because David at Plumb Lines did. Then there are Bruce Herman's in depth reflections on contemporary art over at Question Autonomy. Posts of such quality are rare. Too many blogs, but not enough.

I try to avoid blogging on blogging, but mythbusting never hurts, and Alan Jacobs has helpfully indicated the Achilles' heel of the medium: chronological, not qualitative, organization. I've attempted to manage this with a homespun lefthand sidebar enabling new readers to break the tyranny of the moment and to choose from past. Other blogs, please follow.

If anyone ever has a tip on how to make this blog better, please email. Next millinerd blog on blogging: 2010.