Monday, April 07, 2008

Analogia Entis conference

When seeking clarity on a controversial issue, a heavy-hitting theology conference is not the first place to go. But for the time spent with friends, and the chance to see professionals articulate matters so much more knowledgably than I, it was well worth the trip. I came away with a better grasp of what generates both my admiration and anxiety with Karl Barth, and with a glimpse of the possibilities when perspicacious Catholics appropriate his best insights. Reinhard Hütter may have been onto something when he said the issue is not as divisive as it's made out to be, and is far from the top of the ecumenical priority list.

While it would be preposterous to attempt to sum up the nuance and sophistication of the entire weekend in one photograph, perhaps I did so above. That or I'm on the shortlist to be Thomas Kinkade's staff photographer.

Lest the message of that summarizing photograph seem too Catholic, at least I didn't pick this one.

UPDATE: Perhaps this photo encapsulates the conference even more adequately.