Monday, March 03, 2008

Pictures to go with my post at FT today can be seen at the North American Churches group blog.

Also of interest regarding the Schaeffer legacy is the penetrating article by Molly Worthen in the current Christianity Today, which examines the present state (decline?) of L'Abri. She makes a keen observation about Christian buzzwords like "authenticity" and "experience":
When students say they seek authenticity, what they really want is certainty, an inner knowing. Convinced that they won't find it intellectually, many pursue that feeling of conviction through experience.
Are such buzzwords then just a new kind of absolute?

update: If you missed it the first time, once again, Schaeffer is mean and Guinness is gracious. But we do get some more dirty secrets, like "27 year old single man attracted to women." Scandalous.