Friday, February 22, 2008

credit where it's due

I'm inventing a blog award for unbridled excellence. One time only, and the winner is in: Stuff White People Like. (If you already know about it, oh well.) The posts may sting a little, which is why they're particularly appropriate for Lent.

Don't miss NPR, Mac, Apologies, Arrested Development, DailyShow/Colbert , Prius, Knowing what's best for poor people, Recycling, and so much more. Irony was one of my favorites, but one must admit the commenter who said "nothing is more ironic than stuffwhitepeoplelike" has a point. Other comments aren't nearly so edifying.

While the mockery (let's face it) is earned, how does one escape the scourge? The site, it seems to me, has a lot to do with what we white people - indeed, any people - become when we lose the gospel - that most reliable tool for relentless self-criticism, that trusty crowbar for prying oneself from the world.

Then again, on Sunday mornings, there's always the Times.