Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frank Gehry/Pope Benedict

Maybe not doppelgänger-close, but worth at least pointing out. The similarities, fortunately for Catholicism, stop there.

Speaking of which, thought Tony Blair was a big fish? How 'bout Shakespeare? Joseph Pearce makes a decent case for the Catholic Bard in his new book. I was initially skeptical of the thesis, as was Pearce before he started researching. The shoe fits nicely, however, with the new picture of English history emerging in the wake of Eamon Duffy's research.

An interview with Stephen Barr only confirmed my impression that he is one of the best thinkers on faith and science around (why have I not yet read his book?). And, nothing to stir the conscience like hearing the testimony of a saline abortion survivor during live coverage of the March for Life, which as far as the rest of the media is concerned, didn't seem to happen.

Why all this? I've been sick for a week, which forces me, book-burnt, to EWTN, the channel that approaches (but doesn't always realize) what religious broadcasting could be. Quit yer moaning about TBN folks and just change the channel (unless it's a Billy Graham classic), because Father John Corapi is the best T.V. preacher in America.