Sunday, December 02, 2007

Advent #5

It's our fifth advent here at, and adventine customs are piling up like unread issues of National Geographic. Tradition compels me to link to ol' St. Nick's site, also to the music recommendations to which I would now, if you can stand the quirk, add Sufjan . And, if you can stand some geek (in the best sense of the word), consider Rick Steves' compilation of top traditions from that continent that just can't shake the faith.

This year's advent addition, however, is different. John Walford, professor of art history at Wheaton College, has long been in the habit of encouraging artists of faith (who, if you're up on my current article in First Things, are not allowed to exist). Lately Walford has been putting his money where his mouth is, not just encouraging artists, but being one himself. He had a show this fall in Italy, and pictures such as the one above and this one are currently decorating churches in anticipation of Christmas which, of course, is not yet here, and won't be for some time (at which point there will be twelve days of it).