Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lent Launch

Though not original to me, here is some of the Lent flavored wisdom that Diogenes Allen continues to dispense in his work as a priest associate at our church:

1. American Christianity is like a massive lake that's miles wide and an inch deep.
2. A tell-tale sign of this condition is when someone loses their faith after they encounter suffering, a response which is also the shadow-side of the prosperity gospel.
3. Persistence of faith through suffering and furthermore, the desire for justice, are some signs of Christian maturity.
4. "Justice" however is a frightening thing that most people approach too glibly. If we really knew what it was we probably wouldn't want it. It does not mean merely getting our piece of the pie.
5. Immanuel Kant's Three Critiques are an echo of Medieval Scriptural interpretation methods, which, simply put, sought to ask three questions of each passage: What should I believe (allegorical method/Critique of Pure Reason)?; What should I do (tropological method/Critique of Practical Reason)?; and What can I hope for? (anagogical method/Critique of Judgment)? Kant however, didn't quite realize this.

It all reminds me of a fine Lenten book.