Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Astute millinerd readers will notice this blog has come down with a case of acute side-bar hemorrhage. Lest you think I conducted a Duffy-style stripping of the altars, please realize it was a mistake.

In adding someone to my sidebar (if you weren't linked to you can assume that was you), I accidentally deleted the entire template for this site, and then published it completely blank. Woops.

I was able to salvage my slaved-over template only thanks to the famed (2 avg. visitors per day) millinerd music site, but without all my links. (There's an analogy to ancient manuscript discoveries in there somewhere.) Building up the links took 3 years (we've been live since 2003), and the whole process of loss and recovery took about three minutes.

Apologies to those esteemed bloggers who are no longer linked to - I assure you I still check your sites, but I find this unintended Calvinist aesthetic refreshing. Additionally, a lot of what I linked to that was written when I was in Seminary I don't, at least in tone, entirely agree with. Nothing clears the head like not being in Seminary, a statement which should be read as a muffled compliment to the clear-headed Seminarians out there.

In other news, the Erasmus Lecture yesterday was quite good. Philip Jenkins' familiar thesis was explored in depth, and in short, Africa is not the future of Christianity. It is Christianity, and using our divided northern theological categories to understand them is, fortunately, ineffective. You might get the gist of it here.