Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Nicholas Wolterstorff is speaking here tomorrow (Friend 101, 4:30). If, as it is so fashionable to do, you disdain the "foundational evidentialism" of modernity (i.e. the mistaken notion that all rational beliefs must have rock solid foundations of certainty and be somehow verbally "provable")... and if you think the possiblities opened by that disdain, rather than leading to an abandonment of reason, can instead lead to a long overdue reexamination of the rationality of the Christian faith that the Enlightenment so recklessly discarded... and if you think that seriously presenting such a cheerfully modest epistemology in the hallowed halls of academe is an entirely worthwhile pursuit... then Nicholas Wolterstorff is your man.

Someone please go and tell me about it because I cannot.

But I will be at yet another millinerd PU chapel tour this Friday April 21st at 3:30. It's for pre-frosh, but do feel free to tag along.