Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Stars Aligned

Admittedly celebrity scholarship can be a bad thing - but only when it's bad scholarship, making the upcoming week look pretty good as two of the best theologians and two of the best church historians in the country make their Princeton appearances.

1. Orthodox Theologian David Bentley Hart (discussed here before) Saturday March 4th 4:30pm at the CTI. He's speaking on Ivan Karamazov: Suffering of Children and the Justice of God.

2. American Church historian George Marsden Monday March 6th 4:30pm at McCosh 50 (PU). He's speaking on "How 'Otherworldly' American Fundamentalists Became Political."

3. Early Church Historian Robert Louis Wilken (of millinerd sidebar fame) Wednesday March 8th 8pm in McCosh 10. He's speaking on the important sources of continuity between the early Church and today.

4. Lutheran Theologian Robert Jenson on Thursday March 9th at 8pm also at the CTI.

Jealous? Don't be. It's not always like this. And furthermore, millinerd's got your back for coverage (at least I'll try).

And what better way to kick off these events than with another millinerd free tour of the Princeton University Chapel, this Friday March 3rd at 3pm? There's so much to do, you'd think it wasn't even Lent.

UPDATE: Please notice room change, Marsden's talk on Monday is not in McCosh 10 but McCosh 50.