Saturday, October 01, 2005

Five Theses regarding Nick Cave

Thesis 1. Nick Cave is what Jim Morrison could have been if the Lizard King had recoverd from his drug addiction (thus avoiding this place), grown and sobered up, encountered God, got married and had a family - all without losing any of his feist. (Morrison fans may find thesis #1 as offensive as many Christians found Scorsese's similar idea, and my wife thinks thesis #1 an insult to Cave, but I stick by it nonetheless).

Theses 2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are on a parallel track to The Flaming Lips in the sense that both bands went through addiction and came out on the other end making better music. But whereas only the Flaming Lips music seem to have fully made the transition, Nick Cave's music and and lyrics did.

Theses 3. The very principle that makes for an awful sermon is the same principle that makes for fantastic lyrics from a musician who is a Christian: They keep you guessing whether or not the person is a Christian. This is exemplified by Nick Cave.

Theses 4. Not too long ago drulogian speculated whether or not heaven will be boring. And though I love Gregory of Nyssa, a shorter answer: Not if we'll be singing like Nick Cave. (I am thinking particularly of track 1 on Abattoir Blues/ Lyre of Orpheus, the album where I recommend new listeners begin.)

Theses 5. I am fully convinced that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds can actually make you a better person. Though it took an entire summer for my ears to adjust, they have, and consequently never will be the same.