Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day Purgatory

Does anyone else find it ironic that election day falls on All Soul's Day (the traditional day to pray for those in Purgatory)? Nevertheless, I interrupt my London intinerary to bring to you the last paragraph of a brief sermon I had to give tonight an our P.U. ecumenical prayer service:
And of all the benefits that we receive as citizens of heaven, there is one in particular that is of great comfort to me especially on a night like tonight. That is that as citizens of heaven, we do not get to vote. Jesus Christ has always reigned, he does not need to campaign to continue that reign, and he always will reign. And to a great extent, perhaps even to an extent that makes us uncomfortable, the welfare of this nation is not as much dependent on who we voted for today, as on the extent to which we demonstrate that reign of Christ in our Church and in our lives. Amen.
Now, if only I didn't have to practice what I preached.