Friday, May 07, 2004

The Prometheus of higher education

Who will have taught you the Illiad? Brad or Rufus?

I know I've mentioned this before - but if you haven't discovered this place, you need to. As with anything, contemporary teaching is wrapped up in politics, often to the detriment of that actual "teaching" part. Briefly recalling your own experience of being educated will I'm sure confirm that the actual best teachers do not necessarily get the job.

The Teaching Company doesn't have to worry about all that - they just go for raw ability to enthusiastically impart accurate information. These are the professors whose classes you would have had to line up at the Registrars office for. There's nothing like doing the dishes with Rufus playing on the walk-man... He has a way of making Ancient Greece utterly absorbing, probably even moreso than will the Pittster.

As you've gathered I do like the company that steals fire from the Academy to give to the average... let's hope they don't suffer the same fate.