Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hellenize This!

Word has by now gotten around that Mel Gibson wants to do a movie on the The Maccabees. Should he ask my opinion for a title, as you've noticed, I have one pret a porter. All I ask is 1%.

(Incidentally, Hellenize This! was also the title of our Hebrew class' frisbee team this summer. Propelled as we were by our theme verse, "and the Gentiles were crushed" -1Mac. 5:21, the Greek class stood no chance.)

Charges of anti-Semitism for the movie have already begun. But isn't Maccabees about butt-kickin' Jews who heroically resist foreign encroachment? Isn't a Jew complaining about the movie like a Scot complaining about Braveheart?